Three reasons to choose an organic crib mattress

Becoming a parent is not easy. Parents wants the best for their kids, at any cost. But the big question is what is the actual best for their newborn baby? One of the biggest issues for babies are baby safety and baby health.

When it comes to baby health, parents need to be extra careful. Nowadays, we tend to overuse chemicals in everyday products. Pesticides, herbicides, conservative agents, etc. However, babies, unlike adults, are very sensitive to their environment. Many parents therefore decide to go for organic products. Organic products are products that were grown without all the chemicals used and are therefore more safe and healthy for your children.

When it comes to sleep furniture, more and more parents choose an organic crib mattress. Organic crib mattresses are just as good as traditional baby mattresses but have the advantage of being free of chemicals, therefore being healthier and safer for your newborn baby. Here are three good reasons to choose an organic crib mattress for your newborn baby.

First, its all about safety and health. Babies will spend most of their few months sleeping. Therefore, the product they will have the most contact with will be the bed. Therefore, by choosing an organic crib mattress, you will provide a healthy and safe environment for your newborn baby. As a matter of fact, most traditional mattresses contains synthetic products such as polyurethane foam, which is highly flammable and most likely harmful. Also most crib mattresses are made with cotton that used herbicides and pesticides to bugs and other herbs away. It is still unclear, to this date, whether those chemicals will have an impact on our health, especially our babies health, on the long run.

Second, according to many experts, the use of a more natural fabric such as organic cotton will allow a better airflow. Therefore, allowing a better temperature control and helping the baby to breathe. Natural fabrics, such as fabrics, are usually not associated with allergies. Many think that because cotton causes less sweating, it also causes less irritations than other more synthetic fabrics.

Third, by purchasing an organic crib mattress, you will encourage more manufacturers to make more models of natural baby mattresses, and more stores to carry organic crib mattresses, and eventually drop down the prices of organic crib mattresses. Unfortunately, natural baby mattresses are still a luxury for many parents because of their costs. It is important to promote and encourage the use of organic products, as it is not only important for your children at the present moment but also for their future. Organically grown cotton reduces the overall use of pesticides, leading to less pollutants in our waters and fields.

Finally, here are a few tips to purchase an organic crib mattress. First, organic products must be certified as organic in accordance with these governmental regulations, to avoid misuse of the word. When looking for an organic crib mattress, choose a 100% organic, because some manufacturers will mix organic and synthetic material to cut down on the cost of the material, but call the product “organic”. If you have some doubts about a so-called organic product, you can also call any Organic Consumers Association in order to get a list of all certified organic retailers.

Today’s society have introduce synthetic products to our children, and long-term effect of toxins and chemical on their future is still to be studied. This is why by purchasing an organic crib mattress for your children, you are giving them a good headstart on their health and future.

Date: Tuesday, 4. August 2009
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