Portacrib organic crib mattress – the affordable alternative for appartments and travelers

cribThe purchase of a full set of furniture for a new baby can be quite costly. Especially if you are going organic, like many parents. It can be tempting to cut corners. However, it is important, when buying a crib mattress, to keep in mind that you need a quality mattress for your baby. Remember, baby’s bed is where your little one is going to spend most of their first year. So how can you go cheap but keeping quality standards when choosing an organic crib mattress?

The primary use of a portacrib is to be able to bring organic to grandpa’s house or to the hotel where you will be vacationing for the next two weeks. Portacrib are smaller and weight less than normal crib mattresses. But did you also know that portacrib natural crib mattress could be just as good as a innerspring natural crib mattress? Just like an innerspring crib mattress, portacrib crib mattress need to be carefully chosen. Although portacrib mattresses do not usually last as long as crib mattresses, your baby will probably have outgrown it by the time it is time to get a replacement mattress. The choice of a portacrib  and a portacrib organic crib mattress is particularly a good choice for parents who live in small condos or cramped apartments. It’s much smaller than a full-sized crib, but still large enough to comfortably accommodate a child who needs to sleep in a crib.

Choosing a quality portacrib organic crib mattress

What you should look for in a portacrib organic crib mattress. When looking for an organic crib mattress you should look for the type of material it is made of, the weight of the mattress, how firm it is and its size. Confused? We provide the explanations below.

MATERIAL. Here we are looking at organic vs non-organic. Beware of the sales pitch! Some fraudulent companies sales “organic crib mattresses” that are really only partially organic. So read the label and make sure that you are not buying 35% organic and 65% synthetic, but really 100% organic.

WEIGHT. The weight of the mattress is usually a good indication of its quality. Usually (not always!), the heavier the mattress, the better it is. Because of the difference in the type of material used, do not be surprise of the difference between the weight of a portacrib and an innerspring natural crib mattress.

FIRMNESS. For baby’s comfort but also growth and posture, just like for an innerspring natural mattress, it is important to purchase a firm portacrib natural crib mattress.

SIZE. A portacrib mattress will usually be smaller than a normal organic innerspring crib mattress. Make sure the size of your portacrib mattress is big enough to be able to support baby a few months down the road.

So if you want to go for a cheaper organic crib mattress for baby, high quality portacrib natural crib mattresses can be a good alternative to the more expensive innerspring natural crib mattresses.



Help create a much brighter future for the next generation, choose an organic crib mattress.

Date: Sunday, 3. May 2009
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