Organic crib mattress vs Synthetic crib mattress

crib1With an increasing number of synthetic products, there is an increasing number of people looking into buying organic products. This is particularly true among parents. Because babies and children are more delicate and sensitive to tox

Coil innerspring is made of layers of pure wool, metal coils, and covered in organic cotton.

ins, and because they will have an overall longer exposure than us, it is important to look into alternatives to our current synthetic products. Considering that babies will spend more of their first year in bed, an organic crib mattress and organic baby bedding are a healthy option for a healthier sleeping environment for the little ones

What is so bad about a synthetic crib mattress?

Synthetic crib mattresses contains polyurethane foam (foamified petroleum), polyester and vinyl/PVC or nylon. Those products are often treated with toxic chemicals. The biggest concerns is that those toxic chemicals emanate from the synthetic products. Of course, this comes at very low doses. However, there are concerns that, on the long run, this could have some repercussion on people’s health, or in this case, baby’s health.
It has been shown that polyurethane foam off-gasses toluene, an industrial solvent which is also a volatile organic chemical (VOC). Similarly, the vinyl/PVC that covers the synthetic crib mattresses also contain chemicals (phthalates, various biocides) that can be released over a long period of time.

The type of repercussion on baby’s health on the long run can be desastruous. Many of the chemicals contained in synthetic crib mattresses have been linked to cancers, childhood disorders and many more health problems.

Chemicals that leach from standard mattresses are now being linked to many childhood disorders, cancer, ADHD, and more. There may also be a link to SIDS. Considering a baby may spend up to 70 per cent of his or her time sleeping and playing on a crib mattress, we think it’s important to consider purchasing an organic crib mattress.

So what exactly is an organic crib mattress?

An organic crib mattress is a crib mattress made of, you probably have guessed, non synthetic material. They are made of natural products, from which will not emanate toxins and chemicals. Moreover, natural materials are breathable, meaning that they allow a better airflow, therefore maintain a more pleasant temperature. Not only they are more comfortable, but they are also naturally flame resistant and hypoallergenic, because of the nature of the main material an organic crib mattress is made of: wool.

By choosing an organic crib mattress, you are creating not only a healthier, but also a safer sleeping environment for you little one.

Did you know that baby will be spending 70% of their first few months in bed - picture by peasap on flickr

Did you know that baby will be spending 70% of their first few months in bed - picture by peasap on flickr

Choose wisely, choose an organic crib mattress.

Date: Monday, 18. May 2009
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