Organic Crib Mattress : our picks and reviews

Below are our organic crib mattress picks. Those coil innersprings are made of layers of pure wool, metal coils, and covered in organic cotton.

naturepedic quilted organic crib mattress deluxeNaturepedic Quilted Organic Crib Mattress Deluxe

Listed at $339.00, this organic crib mattress offers premium quality for baby. Parents love it. And what is not to love? First, the crib mattress is filled with of 100% organic cotton free of chemicals, untreated and unbleached, for a healthy sleeping environment. Then, because it is latex and wool free, it is hypoallergenic, hence you will not need to worry about potential allergies. Third, it offers great heavy duty support with the 252 coil coil orthopedic innerspring and firm flat surface, which is in accordance with pediatrician and Consumer Product Safety Commission firmness recommendations. Also, the mattress has a non toxic fire protection. Finally, your baby will love the quilted cover, also made of organic cotton and finished with a luxurious sateen.

naturepedic no compromise organic crib mattress 252Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 252 Crib Mattress

Listed at $299.00, this organic crib mattress is one of the best option available. Also made of 100% organic cotton filling and cover, this award winning Naturepedic Crib Mattresses combine natural, non-toxic and healthy materials for your baby. Healthy and authentically organic, your baby will sleep soundly on this 252 coils baby mattress, and you will sleep will one less worry in mind!

naturepedic no compromise organic crib mattress 150Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 Crib Mattress

At $259.00, the 150 crib mattress is the most affordable option for parents on a tighter budget but who still wants to provide their child with a healthier environment to sleep in. This organic baby mattress is the most affordable choice for its high quality, safe and hypoallergenic components. Baby and mom will sleep soundly with this 150 coils organic crib mattress.

Choosing an Organic Crib Mattress for your child


crib1Because of their direct proximity with babies, the use of an organic crib mattress and other organic garments for their toddler is the concern of many parents.

Organic crib mattress vendors – look out for authenticity

While there are many options, parents have to make sure that their new organic mattress is genuinely organic. Many businesses, to cut down on costs, will mix a low percentage of organic material with synthetics products. Given the amount of money to be made, the number of “organic vendors” impostors is quickly growing. We have searched the internet to find the best organic crib mattress deals and quality. When choosing a mattress, the number of coils will determine the support given by the crib mattress, therefore a number of 100 of more coils if preferable.

A higher number of coils will provide a more firm support for baby

When comparing organic crib mattress, we looked at both the number of coils for support and the material used in the crib mattress. We reviewed several products. Because of our high quality standards, although there are many products on the market, the OCMO picked three Naturepedic models that are, in our opinion, the best organic crib mattresses.

Provide safety for your little one, organic crib mattress

Date: Monday, 10. January 2011
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