Organic bedroom for your child

Exhaust pipes, carbon gases, industrial fumes are only of today’s pollution that surrounds us. While most people think of pollution as outside gases, they often forget that, all day long, even in the comfort of our own house, we are exposed to numerous toxics and chemicals. Here are some advices to keep pollution in your baby’s room at a minimal level.

Bio-based insulation materials

A well-insulated bedroom will protect your child from noise nuisance and big variations in temperature. When choosing an insulation material, try to avoid the commonly used fiberglass and polystyrene and go for more natural products.

Cork, linen, sheep wool and organic hemp are great alternative to fiberglass and polystyrene insulation. These materials are natural and often work just as well if not better than synthetic materials, helping you reduce your energy consumption such as heating.

Natural paints
Eco bedding
Aired space
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Date: Saturday, 1. May 2010
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