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In today’s society, we create a lot of pollution. This pollution comes from carbon gases, exhaust pipes and industrial fumes. Of course, they are the obvious ones. But there are the subtle ones too, that we often forget about, things that are part of our everyday life, in the comfort of our own house or workplace. Everyday, we are exposed to several chemicals. On the long run, we don’t know what this exposure, so little it is, can do to our health. So this is why it is important to decrease our children’s exposure to chemicals. Here are some tips to keep this pollution in baby’s bedroom at a low level.

Provide them with a healthy and well-aired space.

An eco-advice that is easy to apply : air your child’s bedroom every day. There is nothing better to clean to air and get rid of polluting matters floating in the air. Be careful however on cooler days that baby does not get cold. While you are airing the room with the windows wide opened, bring your baby to a different room.

When cleaning to room, avoid using bleach or aerosols because they are often the cause of air pollution in the house. Dusting and cleaning regularly using water and a regular soap are usually more than enough.

Natural paints
Eco bedding
Aired space
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Date: Saturday, 1. May 2010
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