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When you think pollution, you probably think exhaust pipes, carbon gases or industrial fumes. But did you know that there is other types of pollution that surrounds us? While most people think of pollution as outside gases, they often forget that, all day long, even in the comfort of our own house, we are exposed to several types of toxics and chemicals founds in our furniture, paint and much more. Babies and children are extremely sensitive to their environment and it is important to protect them to this pollution. This is why many parents look for alternative to the everyday product. Here are some tips.

Eco, organic and natural paints on the walls

If you are thinking to put wallpaper in baby’s bedroom, rethink your idea. The wallpaper itself and the glue used to stick the wallpaper to the walls both contain toxic volatile organic compounts (VOCs) that can be harmful.

Avoid wallpapers and instead, opt for natural, eco and or organic paints. Those paints usually contain flax oils, water and turpentine oils. Those products are much less toxic than those used in synthetic paints (polyurethane, white-spirit, hydrocarbons, etc)

When choosing your paints, read the labels and go to a specialize store. The clerk there will know more about the different eco and natural paints available at their store.

Watch out for water paints. They are not always safe and often contains glycol ethers, that are just as dangerous as the previously listed of chemicals.

Natural paints
Eco bedding
Aired space
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Date: Saturday, 1. May 2010
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