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If you live far away from the big cities, far away from all those exhaust pipes, those carbon gases and industrial fumes, you may think that you and your children are well protected against pollution. But did you know that surrounding you, from the comfort of your house, there are numerous products, such as paints and treated furniture, that can release chemicals and toxic gases? Because children and babies are very sensitive to their environment, it is important to give them a toxic and chemical free place to live and play. Here are so tips for you.

Wood parquet on the floor

Because your child will spend most time playing on the floor, it is important to choose a safe floor covering. Carpets are usually unrecommended because they attract dust, dust mites and mold, which can cause allergies (source: American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology). Moreover, installing a carpet require you to install a second layer of foam, a toxic petroleum derived product.

Opt instead for a wood floorboard or any natural linoleum flooring. This last type of flooring is a safe bet, but make sure to also remember to use a bio glue or a water glue

Other less known options are cork tiles. Cork tiles are perfect alternative to carpets and parents who worried about the hard feeling of wood. Those tiles are soft, flexible, resistant and are made of material free of toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are cheaper than natural linoleum flooring.

Natural paints
Eco bedding
Aired space
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Date: Saturday, 1. May 2010
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