I already have a crib mattress / I am on a tight budget

Including the costs of the organic sheets, an organic crib mattress will cost you between $300-$500. This is not an option for all parents. It can also be a more difficult decision to spend on a new crib mattress if you already have one ready for baby. So are there other organic options?

Yes. If you are on a thight budget or want to keep your conventional mattress but still providing a somewhat healthier sleeping environment for baby, you can always buy a wool mattress pad. An organic wool mattress pad is not an organic crib mattress, but will do a good job at protecting your baby for possible chemical emanation for the crib mattress. You can also contact the crib manufacturer to find out what materials and chemical were used in making the baby crib mattress.

Date: Monday, 18. May 2009
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