Choosing an organic crib mattress?

Why choose an organic crib mattress?


crib2With the increase of the human population on Earth, and subsequently an increased production of waste and pollution, it is our responsibility to make responsible choices towards our planet, in order to protect future generations. The use of organic products can help us do that. Why?

Let’s first define an organic product. Generally, an organic agricultural product follow these standards:

1.farmed using no chemical fertilizers and pesticides, no animal or plan growth hormones/regulators, no antibiotics and no preservatives. not made of genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically engineered organism (GEO)

Hence, organic products are more natural and less toxic than other man-made products, because of the prohibition of toxic or non natural products during farming.


Sleeping in a toxin free environment?


crib2When you put you child in bed, for a snugly nap, make the responsible choice to create a more natural environment reduced in toxins. Remember that your tiny one will spend most of his first few month asleep. An organic material, such as found in an organic crib mattress, will not release toxic chemicals in your little one sleeping setting and your home. By choosing an organic crib mattress, you will feel more reassured that your child will be safer while sleeping, and that toxins won’t be rubbing onto his skin and absorbed into his body.

When choosing a organic crib mattress, it is important to be a savvy consumer. Make sure that the organic bed mattress – or any organic product you are buying – is a genuine one. Be aware that, because of the conditions organic agricultural products are grown, they tend to be slightly more expensive than other products. Some impostors will try to sell their non organic products as organic, or hide the fact that only a small percentage of the whole product is actually organic. Hence, some so-called “organic” products have as low as 10-15 percent organic cotton mixed with other synthetic materials.

By choosing organic products, and by buying a genuine organic garment or organic crib mattress, you will ensure a much healthier and safer place for your kids and yourself.


Help create a much brighter future for the next generation, choose an organic crib mattress.

Date: Friday, 2. January 2009
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