Baby furniture : how to choose an organic crib mattress

During the first three years of his life, your baby will have spent a lot of time in bed. Hopefully, the materials and the environment will be healthy ! Organic crib mattresses are therefore a simple but essential and (eco) logical solution!

What are baby organic crib mattresses made of?

Usually, an organic crib mattress is composed of either 100$% natural latex or coir fibres (coconut).

Natural latex

The natural latex comes from rubber trees. Unlike synthetic latex, the 100% natural latex organic crib mattress:
* Ensures greater comfort for the baby, adapts better to the baby weight, and has the ability to recover faster to its original form.
* Perfectly regulates the temperature in the baby’s cradle, making it ideal for all seasons.
* Prevents the development of bacteria because of the air flow in fibers is optimal, therefore are much more hypoallergenic than traditional mattresses,
* Is naturally anti-mite.


The coconut fiber is the choice of many mattress makers because it is very strong and has the great ability to allow air flow through its fibers. Coir is washable and do not keep moisture. In addition, coconut is very abundant plant and extremely and quickly renewable. Therefore a “coconut” organic crib mattress is very green.

What covers an organic crib mattress

The mattress itself has a second coat, which also need to be natural and healthy, to make it soft and welcoming. Here are what most organic crib mattress covers are made of:

Bamboo fibers

Naturally anti-mold, anti-mite, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and bacteriostatic (bacteria regrowth), bamboo is particularly suitable for people who are with allergies. With a unique softness, the bamboo fiber has a capacity to absorb moisture four times more that cotton. Moreover, the bamboo plant is the perfect “green” plant because bamboo plantations do not require any treatment or fertilizer.

Organic cotton

Healthy antibacterial and hypoallergenic, natural cotton does not charge with static electricity and allows a quality sleep. Organic cotton os of the best textile for the sensitive skin of a baby! Because cotton farms are among the most polluting farms in the world, it is advisable to opt for cotton that comes from an organic farming. And if you opt for an organic crib mattress your mattress will (should!) be made of ecological and organic cotton!

Natural wool

A layer of thick natural wool between the core of the mattress and baby’s blanket is all baby needs. Moreover, that ecological wool ensures to keep a perfect body temperature and can dry quickly in case of sweat or leak.


Tencel is a cellulose fiber which is 100% natural, biodegradable, breathable and highly absorbent. The cover in Tencel can be treated with anti-microbial and anti-allergic aloe vera.

Give your baby a healthy environment with an organic crib mattress.

Date: Sunday, 21. June 2009
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